Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information for Clients 


Unique Balance has taken strong proactive measures to be in line with current Health and Government regulations in relation to providing massage treatments to clients. Please read carefully below to see all of the efforts being made to ensure the safety of your visit.

Unique Balance does not provide any treatment for COVID-19. We kindly ask that if you meet the below criteria you contact your doctor to discuss 

  1. International Travel
    In accordance with government regulations announced on 15th March 2020, all clients who have travelled internationally in the last 14-days' are required to self-isolate. Please do not attend our clinics and instead call to reschedule your appointment.
  2. Close Contact or Confirmed Case
    If you have tested positive to COVID-19 in a laboratory test, please do not book a treatment session until you have medical clearance to return to the community. If you are a close contact of a confirmed case, you are required to self-isolate for 14-days'. 
  3. Symptoms of an Influenza-like Illness
    As we often treat persons with chronic medical conditions and other high-risk patients, we request that if you have influenza-like illness (even if you don't meet the criteria above for COVID-19 suspicion), please do not attend our clinic and instead call to reschedule your appointment.
  4. Bring your own Towel
    You will see below that Unique Balance is not using any soft furnishings & pillows/towels for the immediate future. The treatment table will be covered in single use, disposable soft paper and will be thoroughly cleaned between clients with antiviral and antibacterial cleaner. For your comfort, please bring along your own towels to your appointment if you will find the paper uncomfortable. 
  5. What is Unique Balance Doing Differently?
    Unique Balance continues to be very pro-active in protecting clients from COVID-19 and making sure that attending appointments is safe for all.